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Archaeopteryx Birding & Nature Tours is your one-stop shop for creating lifetime memorable experiences. Customized tours for birding, butterflies, photography, and all aspects of nature, up to and including big game safaris. At your option, mix in relaxing resort stays, cultural/historical sites, winery/brewery tours, backpacking and evenĀ pelagic trips offshore. Archaeopteryx Birding & Nature Tours can make a customized tour for you nearly anywhere in world. Their mission is to make your travel experience exceptional.

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Rebecca Smith & Gallus Quigley

Tour Guides of Archaeopteryx & Nature Tours

Rebecca Smith is the passionate nature lover with great knowledge of birds, butterflies, insects, and more. Her photography skills and patience makes her perfect for those wanting to get that perfect photographs. Gallus Quigley is the lister and birder, he brings the ability to move through a list of desired species efficiently, which is perfect for the lister or twitcher. His knowledge on birds make him a perfect mate for birding. Rebecca and Gallus both enjoy birds, butterflies, photography, and travel. They can make a customized tour for you nearly anywhere in the world.