Sultanpur National Park
Sarua crane @ Sultanpur National Park |By J.M.Garg -

Sultanpur National Park

Sultanpur National Park is located at Sultanpur village in Gurgaon district of Haryana, India. The Sultanpur village is named after Chauhan Rajput Raja Sultan Singh Chauhan. In the year 1970, Sultanpur Jheel declared as Sultanpur Wildlife Sanctuary by the recommendation of Peter Michael Jackson, the famous Ornithologist and honorary secretary of Delhi Birdwatching Society.

Nilgai @Sultanpr National Park | By Nagarjun

Flagship animals of the National Park:  Resident and migratory birds

Notified area of the National Park:  1.43 sq km.

National Park was designated in the year 1989.

Best time for visiting the National Park is from mid-September to February.


Vegetation is of dry deciduous type and mainly comprise of aquatic plants of the Jheel.



More than 350 species of birds are recorded from the park. Siberian crane, northern pintail, yellow wagtail, white wagtail, northern shoveller, greater flamingo, common greenshank, Eurasian teal,  ruff, rock pigeon, magpie robin, greater coucal, weaver bird, bank mynah, , rosy pelican,  long-billed pipit, spot-billed pelican, gadwall, wood sandpiper, spotted sandpiper, black-headed ibis, little egret, great egret, cattle egret, crested lark, red-vented bulbul, rose-ringed parakeet, red-wattled lapwing, shikra, Eurasian wigeon, black-tailed godwit, black-winged stilt, starling, bluethroat, spotted redshank, paddy field pipit, purple sunbird, little cormorant, Indian cormorant, common spoonbill, grey francolin, black francolin, Indian roller etc.


Nilgai etc.

Approach to Sultanpur National Park

Nearest airport: Delhi (35 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Gurgaon Railway Station (15 km)

By Road: Gurgaon Bus Stand (15 km), Dhaula Kuan Bus Stop (40 km).

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