Neora Valley National Park
Red Panda @ Neora National Park | By Soumyadeep Chatterjee

Neora Valley National Park

Neora Valley National Park is located in Kalimpong district of West Bengal, India. The park is named after the Neora river flowing through it. This National Park is one of the richest biological zones in Eastern India in the folds of Kalimpong hills.  The park is close to the border of Indian state Sikkim and neighbouring country Bhutan.

Neora National Park
Neora National Park | By sayannalanda –

Flagship animal National Park: Red Panda.

The park was notified in the year 1992.
The designated area of the National Park is 88 sq. km.

Elevation of the national park varies from 350 meters to 3170 meters from the mean sea level.

Best time for visiting the park is from November to April.


The vegetation of the National Park comprises of Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests, Himalayan tropical broadleaf forest and Himalayan subtropical Pine forest. The predominant forest plants in this region are sal, bamboo, oak, rhododendron and ferns.



Red Panda, Leopard.  Clouded leopard, Black bear, Sloth bear, Civet, Golden Cat, Wild cat, Barking deer, Himalayan flying squirrel, Goral and Sambar etc.


The park is famous for its avifauna. Many species of birds are found in this region including v Darjeeling woodpecker, bay woodpecker, golden-throated barbet, Hodgson’s hawk cuckoo, lesser cuckoo, brown wood owl, white-browed shrike babbler, rusty-fronted barwing, Rufous-winged fulvetta, white-browed bush robin, white-tailed robin, Yellow-browed tit, striated bulbul, Chestnut-headed tesia, Chestnut-crowned warbler, streak-breasted scimitar babbler, Scaly-breasted cupwing, brown parrotbill, fire-breasted flowerpecker, fire-tailed sunbird, maroon-backed accentor, dark-breasted rose finch, red-headed bullfinch, pygmy cupwing, rufous-fronted babbler, black-headed shrike babbler, black-faced warbler, black-faced laughing thrush, Chestnut-crowned laughing thrush, ashy wood pigeon, mountain imperial pigeon, Jordon’s baza, black eagle, mountain hawk-eagle, dark-throated thrush, rufous-gorgeted flycatcher, white-gorgeted flycatcher etc.


Varieties of snakes including king cobra, viper and krait.

Approach to Neora Valley National Park

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra (100km)

Nearest Railway Station: Darjeeling (30km)

Nearest town Kalimpong (30 km) is well connected by roads.

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