Murlen National Park
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Murlen National Park

The Murlen National Park is located in Champhai district Mizoram in India. The park is situated close to Chin Hills. The park is named after Murlen Village. It is said that the park has some plants found in the park are as old as 350 years. The forest is so dense that hardly 1% of sun light reaches the ground.

Flagship Animal: Hoolock gibbon, Hoolok Gibbon, Malayan giant squirrel

Notified Area of the National Park : 100 km2

The National Park  was designated in 1991.


Vegetation id tropical, semi-evergreen and sub montane types. Prominent plant of the forest are Quercus, Betula, Michelia champaca, Pinus kesiya, Myrica, Rhododendron, Chimonobambusa callosa, Schima wallichii, Prunus, canes etc. and a variety of orchids and lichens. Two plant species Ceropegia mizoramensis and Ceropegia murlensis are endemic to this park.



15 species of mammals such as  tiger, leopard, sambar, barking deer, Malayan giant squirrel, Himalayan black bear, serow, hoolock gibbon, Rhesus macaque etc. are reported to be present in the National Park.


150 species of birds; Hume’s pheasant, kalij pheasant, grey partridge, hill myna, and dark-rumped swift etc.

Approach to Murlen National Park

Nearest Airport: Aizawl

Nearest Railway Station: Silchar

Roads connect entry points of the park to major cities of Mizoram as well as Assam.

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