Mouling National Park
Takin, By Eric Kilby from Somerville, MA, USA - Takin Standing, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Mouling National Park

The Mouling National Park is located in Arunachal Pradesh of India. The national park is named after the highest mountain peak Mouling. The national park spread over the Upper Siang, West Siang and East Siang districts. The Mouling National Park and the Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary together comes under the Dihang-Dibang Biosphere Reserve. Adi tribe community is settled around this National Park.

Himalayan_Serow. By Dibyendu Ash ,

Flagship Animal: Takin

Area of the National Park: 483 km2

Elevation ranging from 400 m to over 3000 m from mean sea level.

The national park is designated in the year 1986.

Best time to visit the park is from November to March.


Vegetation is a mix of Northern tropical Semi-Evergreen Forests, Northern tropical semi-evergreen forests, Northern Indian Moist Deciduous Forests, Secondary moist bamboo tracts, Temperate Broadleaved Forests and Temperate conifer Forests having ecotonal demarcation varied with altitude. Primitive spp. – Gnetum, Griffithia, Magnolea, Wallichia, Livistoma, Calamus, Caryota, Pandanus, Musa, Betula, Alnus, Exbuklandia, Quercus spp . are present.



Mammals present in this national park include takin, goral, Indian leopard, Royal Bengal tiger, barking deer, serow and red panda etc.


One hundred fourteen species belong to 38 families of birds are found in this national park.

Approach to Mouling National Park

Nearest Airport: Pasighat Airport.

Nearest Railway Station: Murkongselek Railway Station.

Road: Nearest town Yingkiong to Mouling National Park is well connected by road to Guwahati via Pasighat

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