Kishtwar National Park
Sun rise @ Kishtwar National Park | By Eatcha -

Kishtwar National Park

Kishtwar National Park is located in Kishtwar district of Jammu Kashmir and Kashmir union territory of India. In the limit of Kishtwar National Park the Kiar, Nath and Kibar rivers flow from north to south-west direction, falling into the Marwar River, which ultimately joins the Chenab river just above Kishtwar town.  The National Park is the catchment area of the above mentioned rivers. The terrain of the national park  is generally rugged and steep. The narrow valleys there on are bounded by high mountainous ridges with top glacial parts.

Himalayan Snowcocks
Himalayan Snowcocks @ Kishtwar National park | By Øivin F. Madsen –

Flagship animal of the National Park: Himalayan snowcock and the brown bear.

Notified area of the National Park: 400 sq. km

Elevation of the park is ranging from 1700 m to 4800 m from mean sea level.

The National Park was designated in the year 1990.

The park represents the unique geomorphological features of the great Himalayas.  The park lies in the central crystalline belt of the Himalayan ranges. Rocks are strongly folded mainly of granite and gneiss. Occasionally, beds of marble are found.


Vegetation of the National Park is coniferous alpine type. Major plant species are Cedrus deodara, Quercus spp., Pinus wallichiana, Pinus gerardiana,  Brachypodium spp., Anemone spp., Artemisia vulgaris, Primula spp.,Parrotiopsis Jacquemontiana, Desmodium tiliaefolia, Dipsacus Mitis, Artemisia Vulgaris Ulmus spp.,Juglans regia, Rosa spp. etc.



Himalayan brown bear, Snow leopard, Himalayan thar etc.


Many species of birds including Bearded vulture, Griffon vulture, Golden oriole, White cheeked bulbul etc. Himalayan snowcock is endemic to this region.

Approach to Kishtwar National Park

Nearest airport: Jammu airport (250 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Udhampur (125 km)

Nearest town Kishtwar is well connected with road.

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