Clouded Leopard National Park
Clouded Leopard. By Charles Barilleaux from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America - Clouded Leopard Stretch, CC BY 2.0,

Clouded Leopard National Park

The Clouded Leopard National Park is located in  North Eastern states  Tripura of India. Despite the sanctum sanctorum of Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is named after clouded leopard, for protecting and restoring the natural living habitat of the animal and implementing the rules for conservation.

Capped_Langur_Tripura. By Miraj Hussain – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Flagship animal: Clouded leopard

Notified area of the National Park: 5.08 Km

Annual rainfall is more than 2000 mm.

The national park was designated in 2008.

Best time to visit the park is from November to May.


Vegetation is mixed type comprises of Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forest, East Himalayan lower Bhabar sal, Moist mixed deciduous Forest and Savannah. Vegetation includes Gmelina arborea, Lagerstroemia sp, Albizzia procera, Caryea arborea, Artocarpus chaplasa, , Mangifera indica, Schema wallichii & Bombax Ceiba etc.



Clouded Leopard, Hoolock Gibbon, Golden Langur, Capped Langur, wild boars, wild cats etc.


Tailorbird, Jungle Myna, Hornbill, Doves, White-breasted Kingfisher, Indian Black drongo, Pheasant-tailed Jacana etc.

Approach Clouded Leopard National Park

Nearest Airport: Agartala (35 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Kumarghat (160 km)

Road: Nearest town Agartala (35 km).

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